Interested in learning more about your faith? Would you like to explore the New Testament and the context in which it was written? Interested in learning more about prayer or the beliefs of the Church? Survey of Catholic Doctrine is offered free of charge by the Diocese through the University of Dayton’s Virtual Learning Center For Faith Formation. Or, join our Book Study this Easter Season by completing the form below.

Survey of Catholic Doctrine

Apr 25-May 15

Course facilitator: Dr. Rodica Stoicoiu
Course registration: Contact Jeanne McKeets at

This course will look at some of the major doctrines of the Catholic Church. Participants will come to a better understanding of the Trinity, original sin, church, salvation history, and the communion of saints. We will look at the meaning of magisterium, ecumenism, eschatology, and other Catholic terms.

By the end of the course we will have:

  • Understood some arguments for the existence of God
  • Defined revelation as God’s communication with us
  • Articulated why the Trinity is the central mystery of our Christian faith and life
  • Articulated how Scripture speaks of God as creator
  • Described original sin as a condition we are born into where we are inclined toward choosing evil
  • Understood Jesus as God’s self revealed
  • Understood the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Church
  • Understood the role of the Church in God’s plan of salvation and the relationship of the Catholic Church and other religions
  • Articulated how Mary and the saints are models of Christian holiness
  • Described the Church’s teachings in the area of eschatology

Book Study

This Easter Season join other parishioners for a book club reading of Gerhard Lohfink’s book “Does God Need the Church? Toward a Theology of the People of God”

This book by the well-known New Testament scholar examines the relationship between God and the world beginning with Israel’s theology and moves through the experience of the early Christian communities to the churches of today. What is this relationship between God and the people? What does this have to do with salvation and the reign of God? And what does it mean to be Church today?

We will meet once a week during the Easter season.

To signup, complete the form below. For questions, contact Rodica at