Divorce and Beyond

Divorce and Beyond is a support group for those who have suffered the loss through a separation or/and divorce. Our support group is NOT a social group but rather a group of people journeying together understanding and sharing feelings. Many people seek professional help via a Counselor, some go it alone but all suffer from the same feelings of loss. Te emotions and feeling do not have a time table nor set pattern. Perhaps you have been separated or divorced for years but still have that haunting feeling of loss. How can we help? We provide you with the tools to understand the cause of such feelings and how to cope, all the while sharing and learning with others in the group.

A Divorce and Beyond Group will be offered in September. For further information contact facilitator Richard Hitchcock, 803-331-2565 or email rhitchsr@gmail.com.

What is Retrouvaille

Retrouvaille is a French word meaning “Rediscovery.”

The Retrouvaille program is a Christian marriage program that helps husbands and wives put their marriage back together and rebuild their relationship. Some couples come to Retrouvaille during the first signs of a marriage problem. Others are in a state of despair and hopelessness when they attend. Couples who are considering, or have gone through, marriage separation or divorce are encouraged to consider the Retrouvaille Program. The program provides marriage help. There is always hope of reviving your relationship. The program offers tools needed to rediscover a loving marriage.

The next Retrouvaille weekend begins in the Baltimore area on September 2, 2022