JOB TITLE: Catechist



*Sharing in the mission work of the church by walking in faith and sharing the faith

*Teaching the Good News with the children and building community with their families



*Faith Formation Coordinator & Pastor



*Be prepared and prompt for classes

*Maintain presence before & after classes to support, assist, and communicate with other  catechists and parents

*Establish communication with the family of the student with opening postcard and occasional emails, particularly if there is a continual absence

*Seek to grow and learn with continuing education programs



*Preparation time: 1 – 2 hours

*Class time: 1 ¼  hours (10 minutes before and possibly 10 minutes after dismissal)

*Personal formation, continuing education classes: at own discretion


LENGTH OF COMMITMENT: at least one year, preferably two



*Meetings with the coordinators for guidance, direction and support

*Classes offered by the Parish for Catechesis

*Advisement and consultation in the certification process

*Mandatory training for Diocesan Child Protection



*Love of the Lord and love of children

*Willingness to share faith and nurture the children’s faith

*Be in communion with the Catholic Church

*Teaching experience is helpful, but not mandatory

*Willingness to work on a team and collaborate for the good of the community



*Gain a sense of fulfillment in serving the community (one of the spiritual works of mercy)

*A sense of accomplishment

*Growing and learning and becoming personally enriched

*A sense of true joy in serving the Lord and helping others know God

*Become more familiar with the community through increased involvement

*Be recognized on Catechetical Sunday


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Contact Office and ask for Brigitte Schmidt


Continuing Faith Formation (CFF) at St. Agnes

Catholic Formation is a lifelong process and our goal at St. Agnes is to provide the kind of foundation for our children and youth that supports a desire to live out our faith daily.  We offer weekly classes for children in kindergarten through Grade 12.


Our CFF program strives to stand on Jesus Christ and the Trinity by living the example of our Catholic faith which Jesus gave us, passing on our beautiful faith to our children, and constantly seeking out and teaching others to seek the answers to the following:  How can we meet Jesus?  How can we know Jesus?  How can we love Jesus?


To help our young people build a foundation of faith, we integrate catechetical and curriculum-based learning with service, experiential, and retreat opportunities in order to build up both a knowledge of the Church and Her teachings; as well as foster a foundational encounter with the Living God.  We prepare children for First Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.  Please contact the parish office to enroll your children in formation and for information on preparation for the Sacraments.  If you are interested in becoming Catholic, we offer preparation in our Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) program.


You are accepting the responsibility of training [this child] in the practice of the faith. It will be your duty to bring [this child] up to keep God’s commandments.

Rite of Baptism, 377