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The Linen Laundry Ministry is responsible for supplying and keeping all the cloths (i.e. purificators, towels, etc.) used during any Mass or used to wash the plates, chalices, carafes, and ciboriums after Mass cleaned and ironed on an as needed basis. The Masses for which purificators and towels have to be supplied include the weekend Masses, weekday Masses, Holy Day Masses, Funeral Masses, Wedding Masses, and any other special Masses, such as Triduum. In addition, the albs of the priest need to be washed and ironed, and the Chasubles sent to the cleaners. The Altar cloths, and any cloths used on the tables (i.e. Gift Table and credenz), need to be washed and ironed.

This Ministry aims to have four active members so that each member washes the linens one week per month. We are currently looking for two additional members.

Contact: Judy Lilga or 301.432.2276