I often joke that when I went to seminary I never had a class on how to be a pastor during a pandemic. I remember the process last year of shutting everything down and how challenging and even sad it was for the community. Now we are going through the bumps of reopening with no real blueprint on how to do it. I have been impressed with our community’s flexibility and patience through this process. As you know, we had to make some fast decisions last week about discontinuing the video Mass and the choice to increase our seating capacity. Before I made these decisions, I tried to make sure I consulted those involved. We have had folks that have been extremely generous with their time as they helped us with our video Mass, but we realized our resources were starting to run thin. I will be working with others to try to come up with some alternatives for our web page to reach those who are vulnerable that simply cannot be in our pews. This will be a discussion worth having with our pastoral council. One thing immediately that might be helpful is joining the Monday scripture study on the readings of the weekend. This involves some great sharing and may provide a similar thing that the homily does. I think what we are all going through with the pandemic is rapid change, and our human nature does not always handle change well. And yet, I wonder what new things are emerging in us from our growing pains. As we have been celebrating our Masses, I have noticed a breath of fresh air though, that we seem to have some energy and enthusiasm. Let’s continue to build on that as we work through the challenges. We are certainly not through the pandemic, but we, I believe, are making progress. All the medical experts tell me the way forward is vaccination. I do believe we have renewal and a bright future ahead of us as a community.