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Our most recent Parent Workshop was held on March 17, 2013. If you missed it (or wanted to follow through with the information presented) – CLICK HERE for the Parent Meeting Handout.

For all those interested, especially the parents of First Eucharist students, please check out this article Faith as Many Rooms: Fowler and Faith Development.

Stations of the Cross for families and children


Stations of the Cross for adults

  • From the US Conference of Catholi c Bishops: both audio stations and scriptural stations
  • Praying the stations with Mary, the Mother of Jesus


In October, Debbie Stollery led parents in an interactive workshop about developing a Faith-Filled Home.

Click Here for the Opening Prayer/Gathering Activity.


Getting Started Creating a Faith-Filled Home
Faith: Having the ability to say “Yes!” to God’s loving presence

You are the first and best teachers of your children in the ways of faith because they love you. That love opens the door to learning in a way not possible for anyone else.

That means that the first way children are going to learn that faith is important is by what they see and hear you do.

1. Have symbols of faith in some parts of your house: a crucifix in their rooms, a scripture verse on a sign, a picture from their baptism or first communion in a frame. Each can become a trigger for a conversation at some point or another.

2. Have your own spiritual books, music and practices.

a. Here’s one- the prayer of the teacup. It comes from Joyce Rupp and is this simple practice: as the steam rises from a fresh cup of tea (or coffee), she prays for all those who come to mind as she waits for the drink to cool. She does it twice or three times a day most days. The steam is her sign of her prayers rising to heaven. Eventually your child may well ask why you are always so silent when you hold that cup and you can tell them: you are praying.

b. Share your favorite creative activity with them. Creation is a part of the image of God in which we are made. Cook, sew, paint, draw, write, build something, design something, change around a room, fix something, problem-solve with your children. All of these are signs of God within us.

c. Introduce quiet. Spiritual practitioners tell us that if we do not learn how to be quiet, we will struggle to hear God speak from deep within. One method: YOU have a time-out chair where you go to be still and quiet, to rest.

3. Share with your children that a love song can be heard as a dialogue between Jesus and us or vice versa. Love song lyrics are often as poetic as the Song of Songs in the Bible, and remind us that human love is an echo of divine love.

AND MORE!!! Click here for more information about developing a Faith Filled Home.


A Parent’s Prayer

Loving God, You are the giver of all things human and divine, the source of all of our blessings.

We thank and praise you. We especially thank you for the gift of our children.

Loving God, help us to set boundaries for them, and yet encourage them to explore.

Give us the strength and courage to treat each day as a new chance to share your love with them.

Help us to help our children come to know you, the one true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent.

Help us to enable your Holy Spirit help them to grow in faith, hope, and love, so they may know peace, truth, and goodness.

We pray each day:

May their ears hear your voice.

May their eyes see your presence in all things.

May their lips proclaim your word.

May their hearts be your dwelling place.

May their hands do works of charity.

May their feet walk in the way of Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord.

And may we be their first and best teachers! We ask this through Christ our Lord.



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