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Prior to the Covid epidemic, the 2nd Friday Prayer Group met in the Reconciliation Chapel on the 2nd Friday of each month to pray for those whose names had been entered into the black notebook by the Reconciliation Chapel. When the Covid restrictions no longer allowed for group meetings, we found another way of offering prayers for those in need.

On the 2nd Friday, a list was compiled and emailed to all in our group. At 11:00 on that Friday, each of us in our own homes, would pray for those on the list. We would add our own prayers, some members said the Rosary, and we all ended our prayer time with the Lord’s Prayer.

After the Covid restrictions ended, the members of the group wanted to keep the same format. They liked the flexibility of making the prayer time what they wanted it to be in lifting up those for whom we prayed into God’s healing mercy.

The list is made up of names from the black prayer book in the nave and from names people pass along to us. Some names are on one time, and some names are on for long periods of time (i.e. those going through chemo, or surgeries into rehab, or Alzheimers). We pray for the first Anniversary death date of those who have died in our parish.

All are welcome to join the prayer group at any time.

Chair: Judy Lilga
Phone: 301.432.2276

    To submit a prayer request to the Second Friday Prayer Ministry, complete the form below and your request will be added to the prayer list.