Would your adult daughters and sons like to reconnect with former classmates via zoom?  Growing up in the Church, we think they have something to say about it and their lives now.  Do they know Pope Francis cares about them and is interested in their ideas?  We want these young adults to be a part of the Synod Listening process by taking an hour with friends or relatives and responding to two important questions.  What they have to say is so important to the Church and ultimately the world.  We want them to know that whatever they say is confidential and no one will judge them.  This is a gathering of information. They are creating the families of the future.  We can set up a zoom and provide the questions and facilitate the conversation if they want.  It might even be fun to reconnect with old friends.

We’re trying to find old class lists and First Eucharist and Confirmation lists to get some leads to contact them.  If you taught Religious Ed or remember names of your children’s classmates and can help us find them, (with their permission), it would help a lot.  We don’t have much time and getting their input is important.