Buy cash cards and St. Agnes gets a donation!

Each time you purchase a Cash Card, a major retailer gives money to St. Agnes!

RaiseRight (formerly ShopWithScrip), is a gift card fundraising program where St. Agnes gets money back from the gift cards you purchase for your everyday shopping, groceries, dining out, home improvement, and everything in between.

Here’s how it works

Over 750 participating merchants agree to sell their cards to non-profit organizations at a discount. You buy the cards at full face value, redeem them at full face value, and St. Agnes receives anywhere from 1.5% to 18% depending on the merchant.

Buying those gift cards is a lot easier for both you and St. Agnes when you buy online. You can purchase physical gift cards, reloadable gift cards, and eCards from the RaiseRight website or the RaiseRight app.

If you still want to buy from the St. Agnes office, we conveniently keep our 35 most popular Cash Cards in stock. Orders received by Sunday, will be available for pick up the following weekend. Simply drop off a completed order form along with payment during office hours.

View/Download additional details here.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Buying Cash Cards

There are two ways to purchase cash cards: online and from the Parish Center during office hours.

Buying online provides you with additional options that you will not have when you buy cards from St. Agnes.

Download the Cash Card Order Form from the Info Center – Forms area of on our website.

Visit the RaiseRight website for a complete and up to date list of retailer brands.

This order form will only be used when buying physical cards from the St. Agnes office.

Please visit the Info Center – Forms on our website to download the Cash Card Order Form.

Buying online is the easiest option for everyone involved, as it give you a lot more flexibility on buying options.

Download/view instructions here.