Adult Faith Formation (AFF) assists the community in life long faith formation. The goal is to provide opportunities for growth in faith that encompass spirituality and prayer life, learning more about faith and belief, and building community while forming faith. AFF offers a number of different programs throughout the year, including speaker presentations, classroom and online courses, workshops, days of reflection, retreats, and more. Contact Dr. Rodica Stoicoiu at for more information.

Check out our Catholic Corner articles, written by our Director of Liturgy. The articles are located in our Info Center on the website and are a great way to grow your faith and learn about both St. Agnes and Catholic teachings.

Classes and Discussions

Scripture Sharing

Join our scripture sharing group every Monday at 12:00 noon via Zoom to share your thoughts and reflect on the meaning of the Word.

2022 Fall Classes

The following four five-week courses are being offered through the Diocese and the Virtual Learning Community for Faith Formation of the University of Dayton (VLCFF). These courses are hybrid models. They are composed of both weekly live two-hour zoom lectures as well as a rich variety of online course materials and discussion experiences. The courses are being underwritten by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston’s Office of Evangelization & Catechesis, who pays 100% of the tuition and the cost of any books associated with the courses.

You will be able to work online taking quizzes and accessing material, as well as meet once a week via Zoom for class lecture and discussion with the course facilitator, Dr. Rodica Stoicoiu.

All Zoom sessions will be held on Monday evenings at 7pm (a second session on Monday afternoon may be added if the response is large enough).

For further information or to register, please contact Jeanne McKeets at with your name, address, email, and phone number.

Introduction to Scripture

Class begins Monday, Sept 5
(5-week session)

If you are new to studying the Bible, have questions about reading the Bible, want to learn more about the Bible but don’t know where to start; or, if you are just getting started on your certification for catechesis, this is your stepping off point!! Learn what the Bible is and where it comes from, understand how Roman Catholics read the Bible and what the differences are between a Catholic Bible and a Protestant Bible, start to build your Bible vocabulary by learning about the synoptic Gospels, what is inspiration, and much more.

Introduction to Liturgy

Class begins Thursday, Sept 8
(5-week session)

Liturgy is the heart of the Christian life. It is central to who we are as the baptized, engaging us mind, body, heart, and soul. In this course we will study what we mean when we say that we give praise and thanks to God as Catholics. We will study the symbolic and ritual meaning of the liturgy, its structures and importance in our worship and our lives. Liturgy is both source and summit of Christian life, and this course will look at what we mean by that concept.

The New Testament

Oct 24 – Nov 27

The follow-up to the Introduction to Scripture course, this course builds on and assumes that you have taken the previous one. We will explore the world behind the text of the New Testament, its history and culture, as well as examine how we today read and understand these texts in light of our own world and culture. We will look at how all four Gospels developed, study the letters of Paul, and examine the world of first century Christianity.


Oct 24 – Nov 27
This course is part of the course sequence for the catechetical certification

This is an introductory overview of the sacraments of the Church. We are never more fully Church than when we gather to celebrate the Liturgy. We will walk through each of the sacraments, conscious of their roles in our lives as the People of God. We will look at the rituals, symbols, we will discuss the RCIA, the Holy Spirit, and spend time studying the Eucharist as source and summit of ecclesial life. For those studying for the certification in catechesis, we will be looking at the sacraments in light of the Directory for Catechesis, as this course is part of the sequence for your certification.

Book Discussion Group

The Book Discussion Group meets on the third Friday of each month (except August) to discuss a book selected by the group. Our choices are eclectic, ranging from theology to novels. All are welcome to attend any or all discussions.

Facilitator:  Eileen Dooley