Adult Faith Formation (AFF) assists the community in life long faith formation. The goal is to provide opportunities for growth in faith that encompass spirituality and prayer life, learning more about faith and belief, and building community while forming faith. AFF offers a number of different programs throughout the year, including speaker presentations, classroom and online courses, workshops, days of reflection, retreats, and more.

Contact: Dr. Rodica Stoicoiu

  • We Believe!

    Catholic Corner April 18, 2021 During the Easter Season we remind ourselves of our baptism through the sprinkling rite and by the renewal of our baptismal promises.  As the prayer that precedes this rite reminds [...]

  • The Fifty Days of Easter

    Catholic Corner April 11, 2021 Celebrate!! If we fast for forty days, we celebrate for fifty!!   For these fifty days of the Easter Season, ending with the Feast of Pentecost, we celebrate the reality we [...]

  • What Do You Know About Easter?

    Catholic Corner April 4, 2021 How is the date for Easter set? Easter Sunday is always the first Sunday after the first full moon following the Spring equinox.  Easter Sunday begins the annual fifty day [...]

  • Passion/Palm Sunday and Holy Week

    Catholic Corner March 28, 2021 What Do You Know About Passion/Palm Sunday and Holy Week? Well, is it Palm Sunday or Passion Sunday? The short answer is, Yes!  It is both.  The correct name is [...]

  • Stations of the Cross

    Catholic Corner March 21, 2021 One of the most popular Lenten prayer practices is the praying of the Stations of the Cross.  Stations exist in a multitude of texts and formats though the basic structure [...]

  • A Word About Conversion

    Catholic Corner March 14, 2021 This week we will celebrate the second scrutiny rite and it seems a good time to discuss conversion.  Conversion is for everyone!  We celebrate the journey of conversion through the [...]

  • What are the Scrutinies?

    Catholic Corner March 7, 2021 Our Elect have now entered a time of intense spiritual preparation for their initiation into the Church.  This is a time of deep reflection and prayer which is intended to [...]

  • The Rite of Election

    Catholic Corner February 28, 2021 This year, on Saturday February 27th the Rite of Election is celebrated here in the Panhandle.  This is the second step in Christian Initiation, for those in the RCIA, preparing [...]

  • What is the RCIA?

    Catholic Corner February 21, 2021 There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God, the Father of all Let’s start with terms! RCIA or The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults refers to the [...]

  • Adult Faith Formation During Lent

    Catholic Corner February 14, 2021 This Wednesday we begin the Lenten season, marking this by the reception of ashes on our foreheads.  Let’s look more closely at the symbols and meaning of the Lenten Season. [...]

  • Why Does Jesus Heal?

    Catholic Corner February 7, 2021 Jesus’ healing accounts need to be understood within the context of the time and the religious culture.  Healing was understood to be a sign of the presence of God.  Healing [...]

  • The World of Jesus

    Catholic Corner January 31, 2021 Whenever we read the Gospels we find Jesus interacting with a diverse group of people.  They included Pharisees, Sadducees, Herodians, Essenes and Zealots just to name a few.  But who [...]

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St. Agnes Learning Together (SALT)

SALT is a unique Faith Formation experience that draws on the expertise and gifts of our St. Agnes community. Members of our community will share their passion and knowledge in areas, such as the Bible, Children’s faith development, Catholic parenting , theology, church history, social justice, forgiveness, ecumenism, Jesuit spirituality, and much more. SALT provides opportunities for community members to share both information and their experiences in numerous formats. In SALT you will be able to participate in days of reflection, workshops, day trips, course offerings, prayer experiences, retreats, and field trips, to name just a few.

Contact: Dr. Rodica Stoicoiu

Book Discussion Group

The Book Discussion Group meets on the third Friday of each month (except August) to discuss a book selected by the group. Our choices are eclectic, ranging from theology to novels. All are welcome to attend any or all discussions.

Facilitator:  Eileen Dooley

Classes and Discussions

Mon 26

Scripture Sharing with Fr. Andy

April 26 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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