Liturgical Ministries serve the public worship of the Church community. Together, the ministers support the full, conscious, and active participation in the liturgical celebrations.

Parishioners are welcome to participate in any of these ministries. Prior to becoming an Altar Server, Eucharistic Minister, Lector, or Hospitality Minister, you will be required to attend training. Volunteers can expect to be scheduled every 4-8 weeks.

The Directory of Liturgy at St. Agnes is responsible for the Altar Servers, Bread and Cup, Hospitality Ministers, and Lectors.

Contact: Dr. Rodica Stoicoiu

Altar Servers
The role of Alter Server is very critical to the Liturgy. Altar Servers support the celebration of the Liturgy by assisting in certain ritual functions, such as carrying the cross during processions, and assisting in certain practical matters, including holding the book for the Presider, setting the table, and more. etc.).

Training for Altar Servers can begin in fourth grade and includes learning all the parts of the Mass and how to perform the required duties. It also includes many months of serving with an experienced mentor to gain confidence. Many Altar Servers participate throughout middle school and high school. Adults may also serve in this ministry.

Bread and Cup
Also known as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion or Eucharistic Ministers, Bread and Cup ministers are confirmed lay volunteers who help distribute the Body and Blood of Christ to the St. Agnes community during the Mass. Some volunteers also deliver the Eucharist to members of our parish who are homebound as part of the Bread and Cup Ministry to the Homebound.

Hospitality Ministers
Our Hospitality ministers are so much more than ushers. It’s not just about finding you a seat in our worship space, it’s about welcoming both parishioners and visitors into the life of our liturgy. You’ll find our Hospitality Ministers are often the first to arrive and the last to leave each liturgy. We have found many families have enjoyed doing this ministry together.

Historically the sacred scriptures were proclaimed orally for all to hear, and that tradition continues today.  It is more than just reading; it is engaging the parish community with the Word of God.  Lectors will be trained both in knowledge of Scripture and good principles of public speaking.

Environment and Arts

The Environment and Arts Ministry is responsible for setting the seasonal environment of the Church. When the St. Agnes Church was built, they designed and created all the banners and other pieces used during liturgies. Their duties include ordering flowers, storing and preparing banners and altar cloths, and decorating the church for all liturgical seasons throughout the year.

If you would like to be part of this ministry and express your creativity through liturgical art, let us know.

Chair: Jane Drewes
Phone: 304.876.1333

Eucharistic Bread Baking Ministry

This ministry bakes unleavened bread according to Diocesan standards by selected parishioners. The Eucharistic Bread is provided for all weekend Masses.

Chair: Judy Lilga
Phone: 302.432.2276

Music Ministry

The St. Agnes Choir, under the authority of the Director of Music, has a mission is to lead and support sung prayer during the Liturgy. The choir rehearses during the seasons of Lent, Christmas, Advent and Easter, and sings at 10:30 Masses during those seasons and selected Sundays throughout the year.

Contact: Dr. Elaine Rendler

Cantors, or song leaders, have a vital role in the liturgy to lead the congregation in sung responses, acclamations, hymns, and songs. Song leaders must be able to devote time each week to prepare to sing a Psalm, hymns, and acclamations. Individuals considering song leading should have some vocal experience as a soloist or choir member. Training and practice materials are provided. Song leaders are needed for Sunday Masses and other special services.

Throughout the year, various instrumentalists are needed to accompany parts of the sung Liturgy. If you play an instrument, contact the Director of Music and let her know what instrument you play and how you might participate.

Support for Music
We are always in need of volunteers to support the music program. Those who are interested in helping to change hymn numbers, operate sound equipment, or help with clerical duties are welcome.

Are you interested in serving on any of the liturgical ministries, contact the Directory of Music.

St. Agnes Laundry Ladies (SALLies)

SALLies are responsible for washing and pressing vestments and altar linens, also known as purificators that are used during the Masses.

Chair: Emma Ashford