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Pastoral Message: June 20, 2021

The book of Job today has a great deal to teach us. The book reminds us that, as people of faith, we are not simply called to offer intellectual answers […]

Pastoral Message: June 20, 20212021-06-20T19:11:24-05:00

Scripture Sharing with Fr. Andy

Join Fr. Andy every Monday at 12:00 noon via Zoom to share your thoughts and reflect on the meaning of the Word in your life.

Scripture Sharing with Fr. Andy2021-06-16T09:26:33-05:00

Pastoral Message: June 13, 2021

For some time now, we have been slowly and safely trying to re-open St Agnes, especially our weekend schedule. This has included increased capacity, and no more pre-registration. We have […]

Pastoral Message: June 13, 20212021-06-14T06:57:12-05:00

Pastoral Message: June 6, 2021

As we celebrate the Feast of the Body and Blood we are called to remember that creation is good. This is the very place where we encounter God. Recently I […]

Pastoral Message: June 6, 20212021-06-07T16:39:00-05:00

A Beginners Guide to the Trinity

Catholic Corner
May 30, 2021

The concept of a God who is both simultaneously one and three is one of the most difficult in our theology.  We could go into great detail […]

A Beginners Guide to the Trinity2021-06-14T19:41:43-05:00

Pastoral Message: May 30, 2021

I often joke that when I went to seminary I never had a class on how to be a pastor during a pandemic. I remember the process last year of […]

Pastoral Message: May 30, 20212021-05-28T11:25:17-05:00

Pastoral Message: May 23, 2021

This weekend we celebrate the great feast of Pentecost when we recognize the Holy Spirit fell on the first followers of Jesus and sent them forth to carry out the […]

Pastoral Message: May 23, 20212021-05-26T17:06:45-05:00

The Shape of Our Worship Space

Catholic Corner
May 16, 2021

Everything You Might Want To Know…

The shape of our church building is an oval, or a mandorla. This is Italian for “almond.” The […]

The Shape of Our Worship Space2021-06-14T19:40:33-05:00
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