A small exploratory committee has been established to evaluate the need for a social gathering space at St. Agnes. They are following a synodal approach as they work through the evaluation. With support from both the Pastor and the Diocese, they are beginning to explore the need, desire, uses, and challenges of building a social gathering space for the future.

The synodal process calls for input and discussion from the parish community.

April 2, 2024
The committee is now inviting St. Agnes parishioners to help with the needs assessment and share your thoughts regarding next steps for our faith community.

To do this, we are setting up a series of small group meetings, following the same format we used for the synod meetings. These small groups will pray, talk, listen to each other, and invite the Holy Spirit to help us with the next steps.

We have specific questions to clarify the interest in and possibility of such a project.
You may view the questions ahead of time.

Please sign up for a time slot online using the form on the page or you may signup using signup sheets in the Narthex. All meetings will be held at the St. Agnes Parish Center.

We greatly appreciate your valuable time and insight into this evolving project.