St. Agnes Parish Pastoral Council is composed of eight parishioners, in addition to the Pastor, who work together to promote pastoral stewardship and leadership to meet the goals and mission of St. Agnes Parish. The Council is a leadership community rooted in prayer, open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, committed to patient listening and study, and working to recommend the plans and directions that will enable the parish to respond most fully to what Jesus asks of us. It rests on the tripod of prayer, study and action.

Meet the Pastoral Council Members

Members: Michele Goldman (chair), Peg Eackles, Emma Ashford, Fred Klein, Carmela Cesare, David Godfrey (secretary), Michael Keefe, Albert Leung

The Pastoral Council is a consultative body which makes recommendations to our pastor which deal with pastoral plans and policies. It does not deal with acts of administration. Its purpose is to promote the spiritual growth of the parish community and to plan ways for the parish to carry out the mission of the Church.

Specific activities of the Pastoral Council include:

  • Developing a parish mission statement
  • Identifying key needs and concerns
  • Synthesizing parish priorities into an ongoing pastoral plan
  • Recommending flexible strategies related to those priorities
  • Evaluating progress in achieving the parish plan and goals

Pastoral Council member are elected through open consultation among the parish community and serve a three-year term, beginning and ending on June 1st.

Feel free to review the Goals and Objectives adopted by the Pastoral Council in May 2016.

Read the Pastoral Council minutes.