Catholic Corner
August 8, 2022

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA):  Part 8 of  9

This article is part of a series. If you haven’t read the previous parts in the series, it would be helpful to do that before continuing on, as they are most informative if read in order. The entire series can be seen in the box on the page.

What about candidates brought into full communion some other time in the year…what happens with them?

The Church assumes that we, the faith community that has welcomed them to follow Christ as Catholics, continue to welcome them fully into the life of the parish.  They are to be looked after by invitations to parish events, welcomed in our homes, and are to be assisted in finding their place in building God’s Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  They are to experience our ongoing compassion, our prayer and our concern for their faith journeys. In other words, they too are entrusted to our care…as we have a mutual responsibility for our growth in faith…a universal call to holiness.

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